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This is 227708.com, a self-indulgent, whimsical, form of vocational rehabilitation. The site name isn’t pronounced “two-two-seven-seven-oh-eight;” it’s “iki-iki-yedi-yedi-tsufer-sekiz,” which was my phone number many years ago when I lived on the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey. That was in the 1960's, before the bridge, before the series of economic collapses of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s...etc...and before Recip Erdogan wrapped his hands around the levers of Turkish national power, of course.

Click on MC Maintenance in the index above to bring up a couple pages concerning how one might repair and replace the clutch on a BMW K1200RS. I did that job in 2000 and the clutch is still working (yes, as of 2018). There may be some bits of knowledge one embarking on this particular task might find useful. If so, remember I’m not responsible for what you do to your poor, suffering motorcycle. I’m only explaining what I did to mine.

Click any of the thumbnails to your left to open a higher resolution version of the picture. Later there will be more information included in the site and a section on photography. Yes, picture taking.

Once upon a time, long ago, I was a photographer for a weekly newpaper in Parker, Arizona. I was also the managing editor. The reporter. The advertising sales director. The advertising rep. The janitor. One might fairly describe this as a small operation (me and a part-time secretary who had no office skills but wore short skirts and knew enough to cross and uncross her legs frequently). I lusted after her in my 18 year old heart. Years passed before I realized likely she never understood why I merely sneaked peeks. Unfortunately for me, I never considered the possibility she might allow, nay, even encourage me do more. All of which would have been consensual. I'm not Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer.

Secretary aside, the photography experience in Parker was great. I was handed a Rollei twin-lens and a Crown Graphic 4x5 and told to take pictures. I did. That job in Parker led to many jobs, many cameras, many pictures. I shot 16mm single-system sound (CP16, Auricon, Frezzolini, Boleau; wind-up Bolex H-16 Rexes, clockwork Bell and Howells...) forTV stations in the 70’s, 16mm and 35mm cinema for advertising. Back to stills with Nikon and Canon 35mm, medium format with Maymiya RB67’s, 4x5” with a Linhof, on into digital.

There was also writing. Working for the Parker Pioneer, I wrote stories that few people read. This isn’t a guess, either. There were few people residing in Parker back then. I never attempted to determine how many of that few could actually read. Later, my audience continued from one small, inattentive market to the next just as it does with this nonsensical website.

Words, like photos, took me to other jobs. Newspaper, radio, television and much later magazine writing accompanied the photos. Advertising copy paid better but news left less of a sour taste in my mouth. Maybe I should have discovered the advantages of mouth wash when I was younger.


Every butthead (and likely every Bevis, too) believes in letting other people know just what really is important, regardless of the topic. For much of mankind’s history, desire to inflict one’s views on people wasn’t really much of a problem outside an immediate circle of friends, family and acquaintences because that desire was circumscribed by one’s inability to disseminate information. Only kings, nobles, and religious leaders truly had the public’s ear. Folks who didn’t listen sometimes had said ear removed as a lesson for others.

Writers slowly gained an audience along with modern printing processes and an increase in the percentage of population who could read. Then, with the twienth century advent of radio and television, access to the airwaves--then cable waves, satellite waves, on and on--raised the linformation level to a dull roar.

David Brinkley, speaking to a Radio Television News Director’s Association convention in 1974 said: “The problem with television news is that no news is delivered with the same emphasis as news.” Of course he couldn’t possibly have foreseen the internet, where madness is presented as sanity and the most obnoxious dregs are modeled as journalists.

My own contribution to this sreaming nothingness is here and on my “words without wisdom” pages. Though I don't often update this part of the site, the web log occasionally features new material. Access to the log is achieved by clicking on the “words” button at top left. Enjoy. Or not.

Tinkering with Stuff

What goes with cameras and words? In my life, it’s been tinkering. Messing with the innards of bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes and computers. The motorcycles began with Ariel, Matchless, Norton...there was a Lambretta in there but that was before I had my license...Triumph, BSA...on through BMW, Ducati, Harley and Buell.

Along life's path, I picked up an A&P certificate. That led to wrenching a few Cessnas, a Mooney, a couple of Pipers, a Decathlon and a Citabria...and there were the bicycles...always a couple of bicycles that needed adjusting. Now, my basement shop is filled with tools, bicycles, motorcycles...and parts of old computers (a pursuit that began with a TRS 80--the beloved "Trash 80" somewhere in the 1970's).

My new computers are upstairs where they comingle with camera gear, video editing equipment, and books. I began designing web sites in the late 1990's following a few years of publishing an art and entertainment magazine. Web design and maintenance is like working on an old vehicle. It involves constant tinkering to make the sucker function properly. More to come...